• "I have had business with a few different insurance agencies over the past 17 years, but could not have discovered a better insurance agency than Holbrook. My representative, Sarah Jenna, is always prompt in answering any questions I may have, very professional and always provides immediate attention to obtaining the most competitive quote at the time of renewal. She has gone outside of business hours to assist me with my needs, which is always appreciated. My family currently utilizes Holbrook for homeowners insurance, auto insurance and for my husband's self employment insurance and we are THOROUGHLY satisfied with each and every policy. There was no question that went unanswered in less than 24 hours...Amazing client commitment! Extraordinary service, staff, and access to competitive carriers within the marketplace. There is no reason to look any further than Holbrook for your insurance needs. 5 STAR SERVICE."

    - Christine K. Bristol, NH -

  • "I have been a client at Holbrook insurance for a few years now. I absolutely love the service there. Sarah is amazing and has helped me through every step of the way, with any problems that I run into. Not only did she cut my bill into a third of what I was paying before but the exceptional service that I received in the beginning, seems to just get better and better. The last place that I was with, I was lucky to just get a call back from the agent and one point had a brand new vehicle get totaled (which the fault was from the other party who did NOT have insurance) they pretty much left us high and dry- we had to fight to get them to approve our claim. Now that we have been with Holbrook Insurance we have had no issues whatsoever! I have referred several clients that way, all of which have signed up for a policy & saved thousands of dollars! I highly recommend Hollbrook for any & all your insurance needs!"

    - Erika Willette, Gilford, NH -