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A home is much more than a house

Conversations at the kitchen table, movie night in the living room and a special project in the garage: a house becomes a home when we make memories. Holbrook Insurance Center knows your home holds a special place in the hearts of you and your family, and each home holds memories unique to those who share it. That’s why we offer homeowner’s insurance from several companies…to make sure your home and the things you own are protected in the event of a loss. We know we’re protecting more than a house. With good homeowner’s insurance, we can help safeguard your family’s most treasured memories.

Be sure you have the coverage you need

All too often we talk to new clients who assumed that their homeowner’s policy protected everything they owned against every imaginable loss. While many policies offer comprehensive coverage, no policy can cover every possession for every loss, and far too many people don’t realize they’re underinsured until a loss occurs. In fact, virtually every policy has specific limits for certain items, such as expensive collectibles, jewelry, fine art, cash and more. The professionals at Holbrook Insurance Center will spend time reviewing the coverage you have in place to ensure you have the coverage necessary to replace what is lost or damaged. Don’t assume you’re covered: let the professionals at Holbrook Insurance Center review your coverage to ensure you’re protected.

Holbrook Insurance Center offers coverage options that include:

A good policy does more than you think

While a homeowner’s policy offers protection for your home and belongings, that’s not enough if you suffer a serious loss. In the event of a loss that makes your home uninhabitable, you’ll need a place to live. The right policy provides reimbursement for living expenses you incur as a result of the loss. What happens if a guest is injured on your property? Your homeowner’s policy contains certain liability coverage that will pay for medical care and more. Knowing what you have…and what you don’t have is the first step towards adequately protecting your home. The professionals at Holbrook Insurance Center will help you secure the coverage you need.

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