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Life & Disability Insurance from Holbrook Insurance Center

An important part of any financial plan is a provision for protecting your future by protecting your health…and ensuring that your family retains what you’ve worked for in the event of your passing. With ever-rising medical costs and the unforeseen events life holds, life and disability insurance aren’t ‘extra’s…they’re necessities. Your Holbrook Insurance Center agent can show you options that meet your needs today while preparing for whatever tomorrow might bring.


Your greatest asset is your ability to provide continued income for your family. A home can be replaced; a business rebuilt…but replacing an income if you’re no longer there requires careful planning. Holbrook Insurance Center can help you provide financial security for your family should the unthinkable occur by implementing a thoughtful life insurance plan. As an Independent Insurance Agency, Holbrook Insurance Center can provide a variety of life insurance programs designed to meet your needs, whether you’re starting a family or planning for retirement. Life insurance could be the most valuable gift you ever give your family.

Our life insurance options include:

  • Permanent Life Insurance
    Provides protection for as long as you live.  Permanent Life Insurance can also accumulate tax-deferred cash value.  This policy remains in force for as long as you pay premiums.
  • Universal Life Insurance
    A more flexible type of permanent life insurance that combines the low-cost protection of term life insurance with the addition of a savings benefit which is invested to provide a cash value accumulation.
  • Whole Life Insurance
    Is in effect for your entire lifetime OR until the set maturity date…providing that the required premiums are paid.
  • Term Life Insurance
    Term Life Insurance pays a set benefit in the event of your death for a specified period of time. CLICK HERE to learn how term life insurance provides affordable asset protection.
  • Return of Premium Term Life
    A term life policy that returns all paid premiums at the end of the policy term.
  • Fixed Annuities
    Often used by retirees to provide a steady income for life, this is basically a contract between an insurance company and you, it’s customer, in which the company is obligated to make a series of fixed annuity payments for the duration of the contract.
  • …and many more


If indeed, your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, your continued good health is the single most important contributing factor in maintaining your ability to do so. Exercises, proper diet, learning how to reduce stress all play an important role towards staying healthy. But what happens when a catastrophic illness or a debilitating injury occurs? Many have lost their financial health in order to keep their physical health due to incredible medical expenses. Life and disability insurance offers a way to cover those expenses without threatening your financial stability.

The professionals at Holbrook Insurance Center can show you options that make sense for you, your family, and your budget.

These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Disability Income Protection
    Provides periodic payments of set benefits when you can’t work. Disability insurance generally replaces anywhere from 45 to 65% of your gross income on a tax-free basis should an illness or injury keep you from earning an income in your occupation.
  • Short Term Health
    This is designed as a temporary health care insurance to be used only during unexpected coverage gaps.
  • Medical Savings Accounts
    This program is perfect for self-employed individuals. It allows you to make tax-deferred deposits from which you can make tax-free withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • Medicare Supplements
    Copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles: a Medicare Supplement can help pay the health care costs that original Medicare doesn’t cover.
  • Long Term Care
    Helps provide for the cost of long-term care beyond a predetermined period and generally covers care not covered by Medicare, or Medicaid.
  • Accident Insurance
    Helps you pay the medical and out-of-pocket costs that add up after an accidental injury, which can include emergency medical treatment, hospital stays, medical exams, and other expenses incurred as a result of the accident, such as transportation and lodging.
  • Trip Insurance
    Designed with travelers in mind, trip insurance not only covers medical expenses while traveling but also covers expenses incurred due to trip cancellation as well as lost luggage, flight accident and other losses.
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