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Good help isn’t only hard to find…they’re hard to keep. Employee recruitment and retention is a constant concern for competitive businesses. One of the most effective ways to capture and keep the best and brightest is to offer the incentives that they most often request. Life insurance, dental coverage, and retirement benefits: all of these can be powerful additions to your overall employee incentive package.

Good for them…and good for you, too.

When it comes to perception, employee satisfaction has become an amazingly accurate barometer of a company’s health. When the competition is close, more and more people are choosing to do business with companies who have a reputation for taking exceptional care of their employees. Holbrook Insurance Center can show you how cost-effective a good benefits package can be, providing an integrated solution that’s good for you and for your employees.

Your Holbrook Insurance Center agent can put together an employee benefit package that not only gives you a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining quality employees but also meets your budget requirements. With the many options available to us as an Independent Insurance Agency, we’ll take the time to assess your workforce, listen to your goals, and help you achieve them.


Being able to pay for medical care is considered a basic right for today’s workforce. Providing group insurance for your workforce is a major step towards showing your employees you care. The benefits to your company are equally impressive, as employees who have insurance are more likely to seek preventative wellness care, which results in less time off from work due to illness.  Holbrook Insurance Center has the plans and coverage available to ensure your employees stay happy and healthy.

Our group insurance options include, but are not limited to:

  • Group Life
  • Group Health
  • Group Dental
  • Group Retirement


Today’s professionals are more intent than ever before when it comes to preparing for their future. Many look for companies that can help them establish a solid foundation for funding their retirement. When a retirement plan is in place, you provide a major incentive for your employees to stay with your company. Holbrook Insurance Center can help you establish a retirement plan that shows your current and potential employees that you’ve taken a genuine interest in meeting their needs beyond today.

Retirement plan options include, but are not limited to:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA
  • 401k
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