Home Insurance in Quincy MA, Alton NH, Weymouth, and all the Surrounding Areas

Your house is a place where you make memories, you wouldn’t want to let go of those priceless moments around the kitchen table or on the couch in front of the TV. Holbrook Insurance Center is well aware of this fact and hence brings you home insurance from our vast network of various agencies with whom we are affiliated. Being an independent insurance agency, our main aim has always been to bring you the right insurance protection at the right price. Our policy will give you a comprehensive coverage from most of the losses incurred by you. We have a team of efficient, experienced, and knowledgeable agents who will review your coverage and point out the loopholes, if any. We have our offices in the regions of Quincy, MA, Weymouth, Alton, NH, Hingham, Braintree, and Abington, MA. 

Home Insurance in Quincy MA, Alton NH, Weymouth

Below we have mentioned a few basic factors to keep in mind while purchasing home insurance. Take a look. 

  1. The documents to be submitted at the time of claim 

Some of the important documents to be submitted are FIR (first information report) in cases of theft, burglary or vandalism, an original invoice which states the items stolen and their values. In other cases, the cost of repair or replacement of all the items lost or damaged along with a copy of the claim form duly filled.  

2. The common exclusions of the policy 

You should always read your policy well before signing on it to make sure what protection you will receive and which all you won’t be protected against. You should also know that these protections come with limitations on items like jewelry, heirlooms, and securities. Most policies do not cover for war or nuclear damage, or any intentional damage caused to person or property. 

So, if you are planning on buying home insurance, you can get in touch with us on 800-287-2403