Community Service

Holbrook Insurance is dedicated to community service. Watch this page to see what we are doing and how people can help.

Every year we do a campaign for the local homeless people; we make bags of toiletries, food, sleeping bags, etc. We do Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners, Christmas gifts, and much more throughout the year. 

From: Sarah Jenna

It’s that time again! The cold weather is coming and we are doing another event to help the homeless.

We have teamed up with Avon, Heidi Follansbee and Renee Tessier to make bags with soaps, shampoo, snacks, a sleeping bag and other necessities.

We will be selling a stuffed owl for $19.99. $10 will go towards purchasing the sleeping bags. Renee has personally purchased the rest of the items.

If you are interested in donating but do not want one of the owls, we are also going to offer donating any purchased owls to the NH Children’s Auction or Holbrook Insurance’s Christmas Drive.

More information to come!

Contact Sarah Jenna if you would like to become involved at